Krytyka Kodeksu Napoleona we Francji w XIX wieku.

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Title Krytyka Kodeksu Napoleona we Francji w XIX wieku.
Autor: Wielomski, Adam
Date: 2008
Źródło: Doctrina. - 2008, nr 5, s. 201-216
Abstract: This publication is about the Criticism of the Napoleon’s Code during the 19 th century. This document is noticed as one of the biggest achievements of the legislative art and the legislative foundation of the modern society. However, there were many criticisms in the 19 th century. It is worth today, over 200 years later, to mention those critical opinions. The main feature of the Napoleon’s Code criticism is the fact of its developing on the political Right. In the 19 th cen- tury and today Napoleon, his life, achievements and particularly his legend were always the French left and liberals’ property that is those political environments which carried out the French Revolution and shaped the political and social world due to their ideas. The Napoleon’s legend is very important here. Just the Napoleon III ’s rules – who considered himself as the heir of his big ancestor – caused the certain sobriety and appearing the voices that the Empire II ‘creator and usurper’s ancestor yet was ‘a despot’ who invoked on the ideas of the Revolution thanks to them to obtain the reign and next to distort it by the des- potic rules.

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