Etyka a moralność polityczna.

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Title Etyka a moralność polityczna.
Autor: Trzpil, Izabela Aldona
Date: 2008
Źródło: Doctrina. - 2008, nr 5, s. 191-199
Abstract: In my article I assumed that society deprived of ethical governance is not able to sustained existence and hand down its substance to posterity which might formulate basis of proper existence and development. Avoiding particulars of philosophical considerations it is worth mentioning that definition “ethical governance” and “ethical politicians” seem to be sort of utopian and moralistic. This kind of mythical thinking which qualify ethics as a domain appropriate exclusively for the clergy, moralists and professionals dealing with spiritual matters is the most commonly used as a lobbing for strategic and pragmatic activity is steadily arising. In my publication I would like to express my attitude to mentioned above thesis and reveal its week points.

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