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Materiały konferencyjne (WNS)


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  • Mikulski, Łukasz; Niewiadomski, Artur; Piątkowski, Marcin; Smyczyński, Sebastian (CEUR Workshop Proceedings (, 2014)
    The main idea of solving WSCP utilised by Planics is to divide the composition process into several stages. The first phase, called abstract planning, deals with an ontology which contains a hierarchy of classes describing ...
  • Niewiadomski, Artur; Penczek, Wojciech (CEUR Workshop Proceedings (, 2014)
    This poster reports on the current state of the PlanICS toolset, which aims at solving the Web service composition problem by dividing it into several stages. These include an abstract planning, an offer collecting, and a ...
  • Niewiadomski, Artur; Penczek, Wojciech (CEUR Workshop Proceedings (, 2014)
    An abstract planning is the first phase of the web service composition in the PlanICS framework. A user query specifies the initial and the expected state of a plan in request. The paper extends PlanICS with a module for ...

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