Prostředí elektronických médií jako oblast zájmu současné sociální pedagogiky

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Title Prostředí elektronických médií jako oblast zájmu současné sociální pedagogiky
Autor: Roguska, Agnieszka
Date: 2009
Źródło: Sociální pedagogika ve střední Evropě : současný stav a perspektivy : sborník příspěvků z mezinárodní konference : Brno ... - Brno : Institut mezioborových studií, 2009, s. 506- 513
Abstract: The article oscillates around the issue of media compulsion. The theory claims that a modern man is forced to co-exist with the media in different ways. Firstly, he cannot avoid contact with them as they are common and essential in broad civilization development. Moreover, the compulsion refers to necessity to learn about the media, which is meant as an active participation in media education, but it is also a requirement for modern transformations and a symbol of changing environment. Neglecting to learn about the media in technological, educational, social and psychological meaning may result not only in negative consequences such as pathologies, manipulating and addictions but it may also lead to significant hardships in order to keep communication with others, find useful information, receive and transform the data. Finally, within the theory of media compulsion there is the need for media reality search as it undergoes constant development, evaluation, immersion and traditional media convergence with modern ones. The author stresses that within the area of research interests of contemporary social pedagogy it is impossible to avoid media environment, which is taking an active part in creating and understanding the culture. The media is surrounding us and holding the game depending on its consumer consciousness and the ways to familiarize with them.

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