John Amos Comenius and the Beginnings of Comeniology

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Title John Amos Comenius and the Beginnings of Comeniology
Autor: Sitarska, Barbara
Date: 2015
Źródło: Siedleckie Zeszyty Komeniologiczne. Seria Pedagogika. 2015, nr 2, s. 45-65
Abstract: John Amos Comenius (born 1592, Nivnice, Moravia; died 1670, Amsterdam) is considered to be a reformer and thinker of the époque called the modern age. Among other famous figures of the period, he is one of those who have had an enormous impact on the course of history, the development of culture, science, and civilization, since most ancient until contemporary times. One could state that the thinker conquered and changed the world, making a permanent place for himself in its history, influencing the philosophical thought, social and religious life both positively and negatively. He was a magnificent figure with a complicated and sometimes impressing life: he took part in crucial events of different countries, he created great immortal works. Comenius was a Czech educationist and evangelic priest, one of the creators of modern education science (Wielkie biografie, 2007: 367).

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