Niedostosowanie społeczne nieletnich : profilaktyka i resocjalizacja

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Title Niedostosowanie społeczne nieletnich : profilaktyka i resocjalizacja
Tytuł równoległy: Social maladjustment of juveniles: prevention and resocialisation
Autor: Dobijański, Mariusz; Kamiński, Arkadiusz
Date: 2020
Abstract: Social maladjustment of children and young people is a phenomenon that cha-racterizes a significant problem of the modern world. It is also one of the areas of concern related to the rational education of this social group. The publica-tion deals with the prevention of social maladjustment and secondary institu-tional socialization of juveniles who, due to various turbulences in their lives, ended up in educational institutions. In the first part of this monograph, the influence of the social environment on the formation of a young person's personality, his behavior, system of values and ethical and moral attitudes is described. Development concepts based on the impact model aimed at developing the skills of proper functioning in society and a model focused on eliminating the causes of social maladjustment were discussed. The author of the chapter indicated areas of functioning of juveniles, in which - in his opinion - social prevention should be focused on. The publication contains a discussion of partial results of research conducted by the Youth Prevention Laboratory "Pro-M", the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology and IPSOS. The presented research results allowed to propose possible changes in the prevention of social maladjustment. The second part of the publication contains a historical outline of the shaping of criminal liability of children and adolescents, as well as a discussion of the role of Youth Educational Centers and their place in the juvenile resocializa-tion system. The tasks and goals of educational institutions were presented in the second part as well as the persons referred to the YEC were described. This chapter draws attention to the problem of the effectiveness of resocialization interactions undertaken in institutions and the procedure for making their pupils independent. Finally, the author of this part of the monograph presen-ted the effect of the work of an expert team appointed at the Center for the Development of Education in Warsaw, whose aim was to prepare a tool for monitoring the level of implementation the standards of functioning to Youth Educational Centers

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