Imiona męskie na pograniczu Mazowsza i Podlasia w inwentarzach z 1621 roku

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Title Imiona męskie na pograniczu Mazowsza i Podlasia w inwentarzach z 1621 roku
Tytuł równoległy: Men’s names in the borderland between Mazovia and the Podlasie region in the inventories from 1621
Autor: Gardzińska, Janina
Date: 2009
Źródło: Conversatoria Linguistica. R. 2 (2008), s. 27-47
Abstract: The study deals with townsmen’s and peasant’s first names registered in 1621 in the inventories of the estate situated in the borderland between south-eastern Mazovia and southern Podlasie. A wide range of different ethnic groups and a consequent religious diversity of the region are reflected in a multitude of Old-Testament and Christian names linguistically assimilated in the Middle Ages and in the later centuries by the Roman Catholic Church in Poland – with the phonetic and morphological characteristics of the Polish language, and, in a different way, by the Orthodox Church – with the features typical of East Slavonic phonetics and morphology. In the sources studied besides these two linguistic aspects of names, the commonest first names are also recorded of the Jewish people living in the region in the 17th century, including Hebrew, biblical names rooted in onomastic tradition as well as their linguistic continuations in Yiddish. The anthroponyms found in the manuscripts concern the inhabitants of two towns, Sokołów and Węgrów, and thirteen villages of the estate. All the lexical material analyzed includes a total of 122 men’s names given 1770 times, out of which 109 were used in the towns 1111 times while only 56 were used in the country 659 times. Most names appear in their basic forms, but all kinds off abbreviations, diminutives and hypocorisms are abundant as well. Although the source material bears out the fact that certain names were typpically used either in the towns or in the country, the majority of them were equally common in both communities. Thus, the commonest men’s names in the towns were: Jan (239), Matys (173), Stanisław (164), Wojciech (129) and Adam (89), and in the villages: Jan (105), Maciej/Matys (87), Wojciech (69), Stanisław (62) and Jędrzej (39).

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