Business strategies for SMEs and larger companies

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Title Business strategies for SMEs and larger companies
Autor: Milewicz, Waldemar
Date: 2019
Źródło: Management of information in the age of digital transformation : The private and public sectors/ scientific editing Jolanta Brodowska-Szewczuk, Edyta Bombiak. - Siedlce : University of Natural Sciences and Humanities, 2019, s. 33-41
Abstract: The aim of the article is to present changes with regard to strategy formulationas noted in recent years. As late as in the 1970s, it seemed that a good plan and strategy were a question of knowledge, manager motivation, and the professional support of consultants. Nowadays, when the environment has become turbulent and unpredictable, the traditional understanding of a strategy is no longer valid. Recently, changes have becomeinstantaneous, competitionfiercer, fuelled by large international corporations conquering new markets, diminishing barriers in international trade, and technological developments. On the basis of literature research relating to the current trends in developing strategies a business model is proposed as an alternative to currently employed strategies. In the last part of the article subject of creativity and innovation in strategy construction is raised. The main conclusion of research comes down to the statement that dynamics and the turbulence of the organization’s environment trigger the outdating of certain strategies. The companies which fail to note the significant changes in their environment and the resultant threats and opportunities, may be targeted by their more agile competitors

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