Poezja "idylliczna" Marii Komornickiej : dialog, idylla i romans. T. 2

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Title Poezja "idylliczna" Marii Komornickiej : dialog, idylla i romans. T. 2
Tytuł równoległy: „Idyllic” poetry of Maria Komornicka: dialogue, idyll and romance. Vol. 2
Autor: Stelingowska, Barbara
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11331/2968
Date: 2019-04-13
Tom Poezja „idylliczna” Marii Komornickiej. Dialog, idylla i romans stanowi drugą część monografii analityczno-interpretacyjnej późnych utworów Marii Komornickiej vel Piotra Od- mieńca Własta.
The presented volume Poezja „idylliczna” Marii Komornickiej. Dialog, idylla i romans forms a second part of interpretational and analitycal monography of late works of Maria Komornicka vel Piotr Odmieniec Włast. In 2017 Poezja „idylliczna” Marii Komornickiej. Szkic interpretacyjny came out in print. It has been a precursory project, where twenty five of unknown and never before published works con-stituting a part of a vast range of texts of the autor of W Grabowie podczas wojny.Xsięga poezji idyllicznej have been examined closely and in more details. The current monography is a result of the assumptions made in the first part – it should serve as a reminder and approximation of source texts, which so far remained in the form of manuscripts – it is an attempt to it’s analysis and initial interpretation. The commencement of the editorial work is a result of a publishing gap - still very little has been said about the poetry of Komornicka from her last years of life. The publications made so far usually focused only on the tragic biogra-phy and the gender transformation of Maria Komornicka. Three texts, distinguishing from the rest by volume, each having a different topic and structure, have been subject to the filological analysis. The choice has been made regarding the characteristics of source materials which are a conceptual whole. There are three indi-vidual, original and extremely interesting works: Układy o Raj. Dialog Demiurga z duszą zbawioną, Lucyfer w Gnieździe. Młodociana idylla z XIX wieku and Czartołania i Seni. Romans anemiczny. The second part of monography includes source texts, provided with historical and literature background.

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