Prawda w dziele literackim z perspektywy genologicznej

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Title Prawda w dziele literackim z perspektywy genologicznej
Tytuł równoległy: Truth in the literary work from the genological perspective
Autor: Olędzki, Mirosław
Date: 2016
Źródło: Conversatoria Litteraria. R. 10 (2016), s. 13-19
Abstract: The subject of the following article is the concept of truth understood not as an absolute or a scientific fact but the truth in the context of fictional literary world. For the purpose of these deliberations, I selected theory of fiction, originating from Aristotle and currently developed by Thomas Pavel. Information contained in a work of literature is true if is not undermined on any level, independently from the fact that truth refers only to characters existing in the given possible fictional world. Truth defined as an amalgamation of irrefutable story facts is a constitutive attribute of the world which is characteristic for drama and epic, whereby the latter is not the sole requirement since it has to be supported by an individual and objective account of the narrator. Truth is thus a foundation of every work of literature based on principles of drama and epic, however, in the fictional world of lyric poetry everything can be undermined

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