Projekty (nie tylko) literackie Oksany Robski

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Title Projekty (nie tylko) literackie Oksany Robski
Tytuł równoległy: Oksana Robski’s (not only) literary projects
Autor: Siepietowska, Joanna
Date: 2018
Źródło: Conversatoria Litteraria. R. 12 (2018), s. 165-174
Abstract: In this article entitled Oksana Robski’s (Not Only) Literary Projects we would like to briefly present the figure of Oksana Robski, an author of romance novels who is not very well known in Poland, but is very popular in Russia. The collapse of the Soviet Union resulted in commercialization of Russian literature, which, among other things, made some writers use various publicity stunts. Among such stunts, conceiving the so-called “literary projects” comes to the fore. Robski, who turned her name into a brand, is a prime example here. The writer is associated with both sale of colour magazines, luxury furniture or perfumes, as well as with writing popular romance novels. In order to create the appropriate media image, Robski distorts her own biography and freely talks in the media about her relationships with men. However, her popularity is mostly due to the fact that she knows first-hand the life of Russian oligarchs who are protagonists of her works. Thanks to Oksana Robski’s novels, ordinary Russians have the opportunity to fictionally visit residences of the Russian business elite

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