Problemy współczesnego człowieka w dramatach Olega Bogajewa

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Title Problemy współczesnego człowieka w dramatach Olega Bogajewa
Tytuł równoległy: Contemporary human’s problems in Oleg Bogayev’s dramas
Autor: Kowalska, Martyna
Date: 2018
Źródło: Conversatoria Litteraria. R. 12 (2018), s. 153-163
Abstract: Last two decades of Russian dramaturgy extremely shows the crisis of values that affected the generations living at the interphase between the two epochs. One of the authors who was particularly sensitive to contemporary humans’ situation was Oleg Bogayev. He was interested in disintegration of personality, emotional coldness and lack of interpersonal ties. In his dramas, Bogayev presents a very pessimistic vision of the reality enriching it by a fairy-tale-like fictional universe. By using esthetics of postmodernism, the dramatist devises reflections on being alone in the crowd, a feeling of alienation and a lack of wider interpersonal relations. The author is also interested in the state of culture and art, that have been knocked off the pedestal of uniqueness and are no longer playing the role of higher values source. This article is an attempt of analysis of authors work in the context of problems that contemporary human is facing

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