Образ чиновника-бюрократа в раннем творчестве М. Горького

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Title Образ чиновника-бюрократа в раннем творчестве М. Горького
Tytuł równoległy: Image of the bureaucrat in early writing of M. Gorky
Autor: Егорова, Юлия
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11331/2797
Date: 2019
Źródło: Conversatoria Litteraria. R. 13 (2019), s. 135-141
Abstract: The image of the bureaucrat appeared in early works of M. Gorky when he col-laborated with newspapers, such as «Nizhegorodsky Listok» and «Samarskaya newspaper» (1894-1896). As a citizen and as a writer he, undoubtedly, was concerned with the phenomenon of bureaucracy, bureaucratic indifference and arbitrariness. However, being a beginner in the field he did not yet develop a large-scale fight against it in the form of exposing article, pamphlets, and program works. In a number of his early sketches and stories there are images of bureaucrats but not heroes capable to denounce and to fight against bureaucracy as the phenomenon effectively. Only later when Gorky gets inte-rested in the ideas of Marxism and gets carried away by the revolutionary romanticism, a new hero appears in his works, i.e. the Person capable to elimi-nate bureaucratic indifference as a remnant of the past. This is how Gorky defined this phenomenon for himself

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