Alberta Schweitzera refleksja o bezpieczeństwie

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Title Alberta Schweitzera refleksja o bezpieczeństwie
Autor: Drabik, Krzysztof
Date: 2009
Źródło: Doctrina. - 2009, nr 6, s. 7-16
Abstract: The author in this article tried to showed the thesis, that in Albert Schweitzer’s works there are thoughts about the nature of the security. The reflection about the right and wrong, peace and war in A. Schweitzer’s thought is connected with the reverence of life, the existence of all what wants to be. The right, peace and safety are the factors of the ethics of hope which is opposite the upset reality of the world. The death do not explain the need of being. The will of the existence and surviving as the conditions definitio of the safety concept are the elementary rules for the life

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