«Культурный» Панмонголизм или романтики начала ХХ в.

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Title «Культурный» Панмонголизм или романтики начала ХХ в.
Tytuł równoległy: A «cultural» Pan-Mongolism or the Early Twentieth-Century Romanticists
Autor: Kuras, Leonid Vladimirovich
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11331/2450
Date: 2017
Źródło: Historia i Świat. 2017, nr 6, s. 143-149
Abstract: This paper examines Pan-Mongolism, a socio-cultural and political phenomenon negatively perceived from the outset. This notwithstanding, Pan-Mongolism occupied a special place in ethnic Buryatia. Its development was strongly influenced by the Buryat national movement in the early twentieth century that pursued national autonomy as its major goal. To a great extent the development of Pan-Mongolism was intensified by the foreign policy interests of Russia in Asia, particularly, in Tibet, and by the religious, diplomatic and public activity of Dalai Lama 13th mentor Agvan Dorzhiev, a proponent of a “great Buddhist confederation” that ensured positive attitude of the principal hierarch of Buddhism toward Russia. External factors that contributed to the emergence of the idea of national-cultural autonomy and “cultural Pan-Mongolism” in the period when various political groups and autonomist scenarios shaped played an important role in the evolution of Pan-Mongolism. All this led to the fact that “cultural Pan-Mongolism” became a catalyst of development of humanitarian knowledge, a basic element of the further construction of national state of the Mongols. In the process of discussion Pan-Mongolism went beyond the Buryat area and started to ripen as a Pan-Mongolian movement that gradually grew into Pan-Mongolist ideology.

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