The rebelion of Anōš Āzād

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Title The rebelion of Anōš Āzād
Autor: Jackson Bonner, Michael Richard
Date: 2016
Źródło: Historia i Świat. 2016, nr 5, s. 159-165
Abstract: This article analyses the sources of the Rebellion of Anōš Āzād, son of Xusrō Anōšīrvān. The truth of what happ ened during this imp ortant p eriod of Iranian history may never be known. But historical sources have transmitted fragments of the story from various differ ent perspectives –often in lacunary form. Reading the relevant sources together, and analysing them, allows us to determine why some sources are fragmentary or deliberately misleading. It is possible to infer why certain authors, such as Procopius and Dinawari, might have been motivated to suppress or distort certain details also.

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