Mieszkańcy Siedlec w obliczu sowietyzacji miasta w 1944 roku

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Title Mieszkańcy Siedlec w obliczu sowietyzacji miasta w 1944 roku
Tytuł równoległy: Residents of Siedlce in the face of Sovietization of the town in 1944
Autor: Wołosz, Paweł
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11331/238
Date: 2014
Źródło: Historia i Świat.- 2014, nr 3, s. 211-230
Abstract: The last day of Nazi German occupation of Siedlce started a new chapter in the life of the local community. Being destroyed in 75 percent, the town was far from its former status of an important regional centre of administration and education. As a result of military actions many buildings and schools were burned or destroyed. The local power plant and waterworks were damaged. The scale of damages and nonfunctioning of , numerous, basic town facilities made the living situation of local citizens very complicated and hard to resolve. By describing the extent of damages, the tries to show the conditions in which the local community had to live and how difficult it was to recover after the military actions during the Second World War, including the battle of 1944. The violent political changes, which occurred after the Red Army’s appearance, formed the background to rebuilding of the town and social recovery. Despite the propaganda and brutal political struggle, the imposed local government was considered „foreign” by the majority of citizens. Having sketched the grim post-war situation of Siedlce’s residents, the author analyzes the causes of anxieties and later hostile attitude of the local society towards the new administration built on the principles set by Polish Committee of National Liberation, whose operations changed the social landscape for the worse.

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