Ekonomiczne aspekty zastosowania efektu hormetycznego w rolnictwie

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Title Ekonomiczne aspekty zastosowania efektu hormetycznego w rolnictwie
Autor: Szarek, Stanisław
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11331/2182
Date: 2010
Abstract: There were presented economic results of hormesis effect used in agriculture. It was proved, that different amount of heavy metals in soils thanks to this effect occurrence can explain in satisfactory way the yield variability, which lets explain the regularity in shaping the effectiveness and profitability of production on the level of an individual farm and on the level of the whole country. The results of the pot experiments displayed, that increase of lead in soil, thanks to hormesis effect occurrence had positive influence on plants yield. Simultaneously use of extra doses of nitrogen on soils with higher lead content affected decrease of gross margin in agricultural production. The experimental data and the marginal calculation showed, that resignation from high doses of mineral fertilization can be a way for the improvement of production profitability on soils with higher content of heavy metals. It was also noticed dependences between the level of yield and heavy metals content in soils during the interwar period as well as at contemporary times. The results presented in this elaboration indicated that it is improper to use too high mineral fertilization on soils with higher amount of heavy metals because it lowers economic results and crops production effectiveness. Such a situation can take place on soils which according to the ministerial regulations can be included to the soils with normal, not higher amount of heavy metals. Thanks to use the hormesis effect in explanation of the law of diminishing returns it was displayed how it is possible to connect precisely the increase of farming intensity with the increase of production effectiveness including nature friendly rules of farming

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