Podwójny świat Iwana Mazepy. Historia Mazepy zawarta w literaturze

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Title Podwójny świat Iwana Mazepy. Historia Mazepy zawarta w literaturze
Tytuł równoległy: The double world of Ivan Mazepa. The history of Mazepa in Polish and foreign literaturę
Autor: Wawryniuk, Łukasz A.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11331/2140
Date: 2015
Źródło: Spotkania Humanistyczne : międzynarodowy interdyscyplinarny periodyk naukowy. - Nr 5 (2015), s. 25-43
Abstract: Mazeppa is a son and a hero of Ukraine. His the biggest popularity falls in the nineteenth century. He was presented as a national hero and as Ukrainian Konrad Wallenrod in the Ukrainian literature. Mazeppa is the a symbol of political traitor in Russian literature (besides Wojnarowski by Kondraty Ryleyev). In Polish literature Juliusz Słowacki and Bogdan Kurchan produced the figure of Mazeppa in a different way. However in British and French literatures, Mazeppa is showed as young man with strong personality who is attached to wild horse and released in vast steppes. Mazeppa fascinated and fascinates writers, painters, composers and historians as before.

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