Panslawizm i panrusycyzm w doktrynie politycznej Lwa Trockiego

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Title Panslawizm i panrusycyzm w doktrynie politycznej Lwa Trockiego
Tytuł równoległy: Panslavism and panrussianism in the Leon Trotsky’s political doctrine
Autor: Tarasiuk, Renata
Date: 2016
Źródło: Panslawizm : wczoraj, dziś, jutro / red. nauk. Zofia Chyra-Rolicz, Tomasz Rokosz. Siedlce : Pracownia Wydawnicza Wydziału Humanistycznego, 2016, s. 183-211
Abstract: The article is dedicated to the progress and evolution of the Leon Trotsky’s idea since the 1905 Revolution to the tragic death in Mexico. The story has been presented basing oh the political articles and autobiographical texts, but also speaks of emotions, human feeling and frets. Special attention has been drawn to the role of Leon Trotsky who has become the legend of the anti-Sovietism and anti-Stalinism. The vision of Russia, which is r egistered in Trotsky’s thought, is other than Soviet symbolism, although both use the symbols oh Marxism. The article emphasises the impotrance of Trotsky’s Jewish identity in the creation of the messianic vision of „Holy and Blessed Russia”. Messianic idea of Trotsky is a contamination of Jewish and Russian thought and provides the foundation of panslavism concept. This policy was especially exposed while Trotsky forced in political emigration. Trotsky wanted to develop this idea and continue it in ideology of The Fourth International

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