Słowianofilstwo Tadeusza Micińskiego

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Title Słowianofilstwo Tadeusza Micińskiego
Tytuł równoległy: Tadeusz Miciński’s slavophilia
Autor: Sobieraj, Sławomir
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11331/1866
Date: 2016
Źródło: Panslawizm : wczoraj, dziś, jutro / redakcja naukowa Zofia Chyra-Rolicz, Tomasz Rokosz. Siedlce : Pracownia Wydawnicza Wydziału Humanistycznego, 2016, s. 115-131
Abstract: The introductory part of the paper considers the understanding of the “slavophilia” term. Its meaning is being derived from the dictionary entries and the semantic usage of the word in the publicism and the scientific literature of the 19th and the 20th centuries. The author defines this term as an admiration for the Slavonic culture linked with its valuation, which can be referred to various spheres of spiritual and socio-political life of Slavic nations across the centuries in Europe from the Middle Ages to the modern times. He deals also with the interpretation of the similar terms, such as Pan-slavism and neoslavism. Furthermore, the author considers the motifs and symbols which appear in Tadeusz Miciński’s poetry, prose and drama and which constitute sort of Slavonic mythopoetics. The author claims that the valuation of Slavic culture (inspired by the pieces of the great national bards) in Miciński’s works was connected with the visions of the future of the Polish nation and the entire Slavic world. He also points out the specific cultural Aryan Baltic and Slavic mediation, which can be found in Miciński’s works. The final part of the paper, exemplified with the quotes from the less-known Miciński’s journalistic texts, considers the idea of the Slavic commonwealth to which the poet attached a significant role in the project of future Europe. It is essential to state here, that these Slavic conceptions did not presume the concessions to national and state interests of the Poles

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