Human resources risk as an aspect of human resources management in turbulent environments

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Title Human resources risk as an aspect of human resources management in turbulent environments
Autor: Bombiak, Edyta
Date: 2017
Źródło: Strategica : Shift. Major challenges of today's economy / ed. by Florina Pînzaru [et al.]. - Bucharest : Tritonic Publishing House, 2017. - s. 121-132. ISBN 978-606-749-269-9.
Abstract: Contemporary organizations work under turbulent conditions, in environments featuring rapid changes which are difficult to foresee. Such surroundings not only create opportunities for development and market success but also generate significant risk. This risk applies to nearly all areas of management. Human resources management practice is also facing the issue of internal and external turbulences affecting the quality of HR processes. Human resources risk is an inherent part of company operations, whereas the social sub-system is an indispensable key factor for the smooth running of business entities. Therefore, HR risk should be managed, as any other risk type. The purpose of this study is to present the major areas of risk in human resources management based on the analysis and criticism of relevant literature. The aim of the empirical research was the identification of managers’ opinions with regards to the meaning of human resources risk for company operations. To attain it, I employed the analysis of results of both international and national studies, including own studies based on a diagnostic survey (a questionnaire). Research has shown that HR risk is perceived both as a chance and a threat to the organization. Every stage of HRM may serve as a potential source of risk that may require taking personnel-related decisions. The results of the research indicate that despite managerial staff’s awareness of HR risk, it is not considered meaningful to the operations of organizations. Polish managers, in particular, seem to underestimate the importance of HR risk for company operations. As far as Polish reality is concerned, contrary to market risks (competition) and legal risks which rank relatively high, personnel-related hazards seem to be undervalued, for they do not make their way into the list of top 10 risks threatening Polish organizations.

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