Mauro Cappellariego polemika z jansenizmem.

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Title Mauro Cappellariego polemika z jansenizmem.
Tytuł równoległy: Mauro Cappellari s polemics with jansenism.
Autor: Wielomski, Adam
Date: 2010
Źródło: Doctrina. - 2010, nr 7, s. 179-196
Abstract: The age of Enlightenment is first of all the epoch of explosion of lay and anticlerical thought. They come into being deistical, agnostic and atheistic systems then. Simultaneously the theology of the 18th century is in the deep stagnation and with the large problems we can find the decisive conceptions and solution here. The atrophy of metaphysics is as such the characteristic feature of Enlightenment and the fall of interest of the theology; which links with the crisis of culture and the crisis in Church. The lack of new conceptions is visible of the great thinkers, the main existing previously trends are continued, well-known in Church from several centuries, named the concyliarism with susceptibility to galicalism solutions, recognized as the infallibility of the whole Church only at the council. The Catholic thought of the epoch of Enlightenment begins accepting the nationalistic patern of the epoch. The belief weakens in primacy and the infallibility of Bishop of Rome. Therefore it should not surprise, that the intellectual vitality shows only dissatisfied of episcopate directions the status quo of the Church, and namely French and Italian jansenists and the disputing with them Italian ultramontans. The main aim of presented article is the presentation main points of that polemics, especially with the perspective of works of Mauro Cappellari.

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