Aspekt etyczny w stosunkach międzynarodowych.

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Title Aspekt etyczny w stosunkach międzynarodowych.
Tytuł równoległy: Ethical aspect in international relations.
Autor: Drygiel, Marlena
Date: 2010
Źródło: Doctrina. - 2010, nr 7, s. 37-43
Abstract: International relations scholars have recognized the importance of ethical reasoning in international affairs. The dominant paradigms like: political realism, liberalism, constructivism are concentrated on a problem of ethics and moral values in international system. The issues of human rights, war, unconventional military operations, foreign intervention, economic sanctions, globalization, justice among states and global justice demand also ethical dimension. Contemporary international relations involve moral choices and ethical judgment. Some theorists argued that each sovereign state possess its own moral norms and international community s diversity render impossible common international political morality. However the connection between cultural pluralism and normative belief is not direct. In international environment the supranational norms are needed (e.g. ius cogens norms in international law or ecological problems). International ethics is connected with the moral architecture of international relations and with the implementation of the rules of global society. Ethical reasoning is therefore indispensable in international system.

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