The use of force in international missions

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Title The use of force in international missions
Autor: Topolewski, Stanisław; Żarkowski, Paweł
Date: 2016
Abstract: Introduction: When the states’ leaders cannot or do not want to resolve political disputes through peaceful communication and they cease talks, then the cannons start to “speak”. A war inevitably leads to unintended human suffering and serious material damage. War is a disaster itself as the military tribunal during Nuremberg Trials adjudicated after the World War II. A War, in fact, is a primitive and wild outburst of violence, for which the values of humanism and humanitarianism do not matter. Today no one can justify a war as such. Despite this, the countries continue to make war, and people kill each other to resolve political conflicts. It seems to be necessary to act in two ways. On the one hand, it is essential to reduce and stop the phenomenon of war by promoting the peaceful ways of resolving conflicts between the countries. On the other hand, the wide dissemination of the contents of international humanitarian law to safe the potential victims of armed conflicts is required.

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