Kordian jako romantyczny homo viator

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Title Kordian jako romantyczny homo viator
Tytuł równoległy: Kordian as a homo viator of the romanticism
Autor: Tkaczuk, Łukasz
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11331/1141
Date: 2016-12-28
Źródło: Do Źródeł. Rocznik Humanistyczny Z. 12-14 (2016), s. 7-21
Abstract: The story presented in Kordian is based on the symbolically rich theme of adventure that is strongly fixed in culture. The theme is being recalled and used here for the crea-tion of the character of the romantic hero who is believed to exist in the state of permanent travel. Kordian’s pilgrimage fulfils various functions and its ambiguity reveals itself at the different levels of the book, what can be analyzed from both internal and external sides of the text. The first frame is the echo of the author’s travel as well as the travel of his contemporaries; therefore, this road has become the attempt of reflection on the problem of the post-uprising condition of an individual and the entire nation. The wandering hero is looking for the goal, is trying to learn about himself and analyze the world around him. Thus, he works not only at the strictly personal levelbut alsoat the social one. His phased way has an educational and developmental character; it is a coherent study of mastering one’s deeper self-awareness. It is also a travel from mediocrity and anonymity to the individual who bears the status of a combatant in the service of his nation; and so from the lowlands to the heights, both literally (the road to the peak of Mount Blanc), as well as metaphorically – the climbing to the ideological and spiritual heights. Various interpretations of Kordian’s theme of travel not only accumulate but also penetrate and complement one another opening the way to further attempts of explanation of the mentioned topos. Different interpretations of the whole work enable to take a completely different perspective when trying to explain the role and symbolism of the road covered by the main character.

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